Ms. Jessica

Owner / Women's Gymnastics Program Leader, Pre School, Recreational & Women's Competitive Gymnastics Instructor

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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ms. Jessica graduated from the University of South Florida with Honors, earning a Bachelor Degree in Anthropology.


Ms. Jessica started gymnastics at the age of three and continued gymnastics through out her adolescence. She retired as a level 10 competitive gymnast. Ms. Jessica began coaching at the pinnacle of her gymnastics training and has been teaching ever since. She has experience teaching pre-school gymnastics through level 10. Ms. Jessica was also a competitive cheerleader and has experience coaching cheer and tumbling.


  • Safety Certified through USA Gymnastics
  • Certified Gymnastics Judge
  • Certified Cross Fit Instructor
  • Certified in CPR & First Aid

Professional Memberships:

  • USA Gymnastics

Favorite Component about Teaching Gymnastics:

“For me, its the opportunity to witness a childs reaction to overcoming a challenge and accomplishing something new, whether the success is sticking a double back or completing a backward roll for the first time; The feeling of triumph is identical. The art of teaching gymnastics development is essentially easy. The challenge lies in teaching children to develop and exhibit the confidence to achieve, not only gymnastic skills, but also overcome the many other obstacles they will face. I teach for those moments where a child confidently says, I can do it and I did it!.”


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