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Jennifer Kuzma

There are so many things I love about Apollo...my daughter is on pre team for the gymnastics and so I love the way the coaches work with her to improve her skills..... I also love the way they pay attention to safety and are so careful to not let anything happen because they're vigilant... I also love the way the girls develop genuine friendships and invite each other to birthday parties..... Another important aspect is how the coaches have paid attention to details in the routine and that the girls really focused on learning every detail of the routine.... And depending on the level of the girls all the routines are really challenging and interesting and that makes it special and unique compared to other gymnastics places.... While on team my daughter had great grades in school. When I pulled her off team due to a medical problem her grades dropped and her behavior in school wasn't as good. So you could argue gymnastics was good for discipline.

Kasia Kasia

We love this place!!! Our 5 year daughter started gimnastic at Apollo a month ago. She takes group and private lessons. We are amazed how confident she is now compare to when she started. Thank you Mr. Jeremy and Mr. Ken

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